Windows Server 2003 End of Life

Time to move or migrate from windows server 2003

Posted on June 11, 2015

With Support for Windows 2003 server coming to end in a week’s times on 14th July 2015, timer has started ticking off. It is the time for IT teams and business to take action.

Windows 2003 Server has been running on over 24 million server and a lot of have been migrated but still a lot of clients and users are still using 2003 server.

What exactly will happen once the support for Windows 2003 server has been pulled down, as lot of people are still not aware about impact we are listing down a few (but critical) impact IT departments will have :

  1. RISK of NON supported OS – There are lot of organization or users who have or will choose not to upgrade and stay with Windows Server 2003 (same as lot of did with staying on with a long loved Windows XP). The biggest Risk users will be running (I would like them to be warned) that no more updates for any threat and risk by Microsoft
  2. Support – Customers will not be getting any support from Microsoft on any technical issues with Server.
  3. Compatibility – Hardware & software compatibility with new software and application will be a major risk as well as vendors will stop issues any new drivers or updates
  4. NON Compliance – A lot of regulatory require industries and companies to run on support platforms there systems are running.

If you are planning to move to new windows here are things you should be considering. We can help in migration to latest version and help keeping you up with technology

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