OneDrive for Business file & folder sync never finishes

Having Sync issues with OneDrive for Business with SharePoint Document Library, here is a workaround

Posted on July 5, 2015

If you are using OneDrive for Business to sync SharePoint online library to your computer, you must have come across this problem a lot frequently than a Windows crashing in recent times.
There is no specific reason or cause to this issue, neither does Microsoft Sync utility provide much information about same. We keep coming across this issues a lot and most of solutions require you to either repair or delete the cache files and even to stop syncing a site to add them again.
With users working actively its difficult to keep track of changes and keep doing the so called fixes, we would like to recommend the alternate way of accessing the file on these Document Library of Teamsites, an old school way to access files “Map network Drive”.

Here is how you can do it :

Step 1: Open Internet explorer and navigate to your sharepoint login page. Login with your credentials and remember to check "Keep me signed in" option.

Step 2: Open your sharepoint library which you want to map as a network folder. On the library tab, choose option "open with explorer".

Step 3: Now your library will be opened in an windows explorer window. Copy the address in the address bar of this window, and minimize this window. Do not close this window.

Step 4: Now open "My Computer", right click in the windows explorer window and choose "Add a network location".

Step 5: Now the "Add network location" wizard will open. Select next on first screen, then choose option "Choose a custom network location" and click next.

Step 6: Now in the field "Internet or network address" paste the address you copied in step 3 and click Next.

Step 7: In the field "Type a name for this location" type in a name you want to give the mapped folder. Click next and the Finish.

Your SharePoint library is now mounted as a network folder. Remember, this is not a solution to onedrive for business sync problems but a workaround or an alternative way to keep things moving while you work out a perfect solution.

If you face any problems, feel free to comment or contact us at

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